> How does it remove plaque?

As dentists know, teeth normally have a negative polarity while plaque has an opposite or positive polarity. This is why plaque clings to your teeth.

The Ionic toothbrush from Earthority breaks this ionic bond by temporarily reversing the polarity of tooth surfaces as you brush. The plaque molecules are then repelled by the teeth and drawn to the negatively polarized bristles of the ION toothbrush.

> Is the IONIC toothbrush Clinically Proven?

Yes. There have been many studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the IONIC toothbrush. One important study at Marquette University School of Dentistry showed a very significant 36.17% reduction in plaque and a 51.87% improvement in gingival health for a group of 30 subjects.

Plaque scores were determined using the Turesky-Gilmore-Glickman Index. Likewise, gingival indices were determined using the Loe Silness Gingival Inflammation Index. Other studies in both Japan and the USA have shown similar improvements in plaque scores, as well as improvements in dental hypersensitivity.

> What will I feel when I brush with the IONIC toothbrush?

Brushing with the IONIC toothbrush feels no different than using an ordinary toothbrush. There are no moving parts and the IONIC action is silent. Users however have told us that they can feel that their teeth are cleaner and their mouths taste fresher after brushing, even without using toothpaste!

> Does the IONIC toothbrush move or vibrate?

No, the Ionic action is silent and the toothbrush is as comfortable to use as a regular toothbrush.

You needn’,t worry about moving heads or vibrating bristles causing discomfort against some teeth or your gums.

> How will I know that the IONIC toothbrush is working for me?

Many users report a feeling of cleanliness after several brushings. You may notice that your teeth’,s edges feel sharp instead of slippery. At your dental check-up your dentist may mention that your teeth look smoother and cleaner, with less tartar and calculus to require scraping and scaling.

> Do you have to plug it in?

No, Earthority.com's Ionic ,Toothbrush is self-contained and so no external power or charger is needed. The sealed waterproof handle contains a lithium power source.

> How do you brush with the IONIC toothbrush?

Brush as you would with an ordinary manual toothbrush, following your dentist’,s guidelines. Just remember to keep any finger or your palm on the handle’,s metal band. A wet finger or palm ensures maximum effectiveness.

As the IONIC action makes teeth repel plaque, you don’,t have to brush hard to get clean teeth (unlike regular brushes which only use friction and abrasion to clean the teeth.) This is especially valuable for those with sensitive gums.

In addition, the IONIC action works –, and cleans –, with or without toothpaste!

> Will the IONIC work with braces, caps, crowns and/or bridges?

Yes. The action of the ION toothbrush is the same as other toothbrushes except that it has the added benefit of enhancing plaque removal through IONIC action in plaque-prone areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.

> Can the IONIC toothbrush whiten my teeth and remove stains?

Like plaque, many chemical stains (tea, coffee, grape juice, tobacco, etc.) electrostatically bond to teeth. If not removed regularly stains penetrate the enamel and discolor teeth. Brushing with Earthority.com's IONIC toothbrush helps break this electrostatic bond to prevent buildup of stains. Users report brighter, whiter teeth after brushing with the IONIC toothbrush.

> Can I share the IONIC toothbrush with other family members?

You can share IONIC’,s power source with each family member using a separate interchangeable brush head. Always rinse the entire brush carefully before changing heads and before storing it.

> How do I test the battery in my IONIC toothbrush?

Our newly designed toothbrush makes battery testing quick and easy!

1. Push button near bottom of handle.

2. If the red light comes on then the battery is active.

3. If the light does not go on, then it is time to order a new IONIC toothbrish.