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Auto Vaccine is a revolutionary chemical breakthrough product that utilizes Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). Please note that ClO2 is neither chlorine or bleach. ClO2 is a powerful broad-spectrum biocide that controls, inhibits and destroys bacteria, virus, spore formers, fungi & algae.

  • Eliminate All Odors by Controlling/Inhibiting Bacteria, Mold, Mildew & Chemical Compounds at the MOLECULAR LEVEL
  • Revolutionary-Innovative-Patented Proprietary Formula
  • Unique Antimicrobial Dry-Wash Technology
  • MOST EFFECTIVE & SAFE Broad-Spectrum Bactericide, Virucide, Fungicide EVER Available
  • Quick, Easy, Safe for Any Interior, $aves Money!
  • One Treatment Lasts Several Days
  • Available in Several Strengths
  • Reusable Dispenser & All-Inclusive Package
  • Eco-Friendly - all that is left after the reaction is some minute amount of salt
Up until NOW, ClO2 was available only to very large industry because of the costs of large scale manufacturing processes and the cost associated with intensive dependence on electrical power. In addition, because of the fact that ClO2 needs to be produced and consumed on-site and cannot not be transported, wider consumer use has never been possible.

Now there are portable ways to produce ClO2 solutions on-site in liquid, or gel form, or in gently or powerfully the air for use in sanitizing, disinfection & deodorizing surfaces, spaces, people & animals.

Auto Vaccine ONLY offers safe, effective, portable on-site chlorine dioxide technology without the need for electricity. Auto Vaccine finally helps makes the broad-spectrum antimicrobial power of ClO2 available for the rest of us.

We deliver the highest antimicrobial ever available through the air and/or on any surface/material with our simple humidity activated pouch and line of ClO2 products. Our patented, EPA approved antimicrobial products are absolutely amazing. Simply place our pouch in it's easy to use holder in any enclosed space. NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED, NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS, NO "NO-NAMED" FORMULAS, NO "PSUEDO" ANTIMICROBIAL CLAIMS to "Really Clean/Blance Your Air and Surfaces".

Our active ingredient works in any closet, room, bag, container, basement, vehicle to remove any odor in the air and on any surface caused by bacteria, virus, mold, mildew or chemical compounds. We are EPA approved to make these claims. No one else is. We target serious odor challanges with the most scientific proven power, efficacy and safety available.

Our product is not a cover up fragrence. This is not a scent, mask or absorber (carbon, silver, enzymes) of any kind.

Never Seen Before. No tricks to use, simple, deodirization, disinfection & decontamination is now at it's highest level! Use our products if you want to seriously dedorize, decontaminate and disinfect yourself.

Auto Vaccine offers a multi-range of products for sale. From water purification, air & surface quality management, cold sterilization, and even biological warefare remediation, we provide Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) answers. This 100 year old technology is VERY POWERFUL AND VERY SAFE for people, animals, and the environment.

  • FAQs

    Q: When Any of our POUCH prducts are working it smells like chlorine or bleach. Is Chlorine Dioxide another name for these products?
    A: No, chlorine dioxide is not chlorine or bleach, it is a chemical compound made up of one part chlorine and two parts oxygen (the formula ClO2).
    While chlorine dioxide does have that same "clean" or "crisp" smell that bleach and chlorine have (all are oxidant's which means that they oxidizes the cell wall of a pathogen for kill) ClO2 is far more powerful and safer for you and the environment. ClO2 is more effective against odor causing agents and, equally important, ClO2 does not produce carcinoengic byproducts such as THM’s (e.g. chloroform), as chlorine and bleach do. ClO2 breaks down to salt & water, which is why, in lesser quantities; it can be safely used to purify drinking water.

    Q: Can I use this product to clean the smell out of my house, car, other spaces?
    A: Use only the product approved for the specific use.
    This is very important. Each product is EPA approved for specific uses only.

    Q: Why is this product more effective than other odor destroying products?
    A: First, most products merely cover up odors. Other, somewhat more effective products are surfactants (detergents) that eliminate a few bacteria but have little or no effect on a wide range of bacteria, and certainly not on viruses.
    Don't be fooled when a product says it kills 99% of all bacteria. We know it is hard to believe, but that is not very effective, as bacteria live in colonies that range in the order of millions. Auto Vaccine is an EPA approved broad-spectrum biocide. That means that it can safely and effectively be used to destroy or eliminate viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, and spores as well as control and inhibit the growth of bacteria which cause odor. Our product eliminates up to 99.9999%. This is what really makes the difference.

    Q: Will the leftover chlorine smell go away?
    A: Yes, chlorine dioxide breaks down when it goes after the "bad guys", then air and light will rapidly decompose anything that remains.
    Chlorine dioxide wafts in the air but only for a very short time and only in an enclosed space. Even movement will decompse ClO2.

    Q: What should I know about safely using, handling, and disposing of any of Auto Vaccine Products?
    A: When used as directed, Auto Vaccine is very safe.
    However, because ClO2 is an oxidant, like bleach, spilling the liquid (if using a FAST RELEASE PRODUCT) onto cloth or carpet will cause discoloration. Each product is designed to be USED AS DIRECTED to reduce any problems.

    Q: What is the difference between Auto Vaccine products and other chlorine dioxide products?
    A: Very simple. There is no competition.
    There are some reputable manufacturers and marketers who do use the 2-part system for oral hygiene, but too many have loosely played with the word chlorine dioxide for air and surface disinfection/sanitizing/deodorizing. They unfortunately are releasing misinformation & only diminishing the understanding of chlorine dioxide’s true effectiveness and benefits. Auto Vaccine products are 2-part technologies that generate real chlorine dioxide on-site for use in the air and on surfaces to control & inhibit BACTERIA, MOLD, MILDEW, & CHEMICAL.

    Q: What is the difference between Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide & Chlorine Dioxide?
    A: Beware of imposters!
    There is little or no chlorine dioxide in the stabilized chlorine dioxide compound. Stabilized chlorine dioxide products are prepared by buffering sodium chlorite with carbonate or phosphate and hydrogen peroxide. This stabilizes the chlorite, not chlorine dioxide. Stabilized chlorite is not the same as chlorine dioxide, and does not have the same oxidizing properties. The oxidizing action of chlorite is much lower, and making it far less useful. Another main difference between the two compounds is that chlorine dioxide is a gas, and sodium chlorite is a salt.

    To make active chlorine dioxide, an acid is mixed with chlorite, which slowly releases the gas. The gas is then captured in a liquid solution, gel or released into the air. This reaction normally requires high acidity (low pH). We however have gathered patented methods of speeding the release of chlorine dioxide at mild acidity (closer to neutral pH). Many, many applications are now possible for human health and deodorization.

    The manufacturers of stabilized chlorine dioxide products try to capitalize on the beneficial properties of chlorine dioxide. The misleading stabilized chlorine dioxide phrase has become popular by effective marketing. Be Aware!


    Auto Vaccine
    1x Quick Release A wide range of ClO2 products
    Description: The Auto Vaccine is the most powerful odor eliminator ever available. Get rid of smoke forever! Just add water, and out simple to use pouch releases a powerful antimicrobial vapor to penetrate any surface and mateiral in any vehicle interior to remove odor at the source. Auto, truck, trailer, RV, boat, farm, etc. EPA-approved to control & inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and any chemical compound. Treat air ducts & vents too if leave fan on recirculation mode. Description: Use the power of ClO2 for oral, body and skin hygiene and disinfection. These ClO2 products provide odor elimination, sanitizing, and disinfecting for the whole body! To see the DioxiCare line of products, please go to DioxiCare.
    2012 Auto Vaccine is now available in only Clamshell form:
  • Clamshell form - this includes a pouch, a sponge & a closable clamshell for a safer / spill-proof delivery system. This is also easier to dispose of (please recycle/reuse clamshell).
  •    Air & Cabin Purification - Check out our's Air Purification portal page that features ClO2, Ag+, Activated Charcoal, Persimmon Tannin Extract, TiO2 products. Click on image to open a new browser.
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    NOTE: Please reuse (and recycle) container to save our planet!

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