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Personal portable functional aroma pumping system - world's first and patented!
Actun (aroma pumping system) is a wearable / personal diffuser that facilitates natural-diffusion of essential oil scent. Wearer's body movement agitates an integrated mechanism that pressurizes and pumps out E.O. scent. In other words, wearer's exercise intensity is in direct proportion to the amount of scent being released. The scent then transfers to the wearer's nose, mouth and his/her brain and nervous system. This is the world's first and only variable output personal diffuser!

It can be worn indoor and outdoor to boost the wearer's mental and physical well-being, and to benefit from the E.O.'s therapeutic effect. Each unit comes with 100% all-natural E.O. refills but you may also refill with your own E.O.

A toggle switch on top can seal the unit from releasing E.O. when not in use. But when the switch is on and that in senses activities like jumping, running, etc., internal pressure builds up and E.O. is expel as a result. When switch is opened but with no motion, E.O. scent diffuses out naturally in small amount, so as not to waste the precious E.O.

How to use:

  1. Open package and take Actun out. Actun is packaged in 1x body + 3x refills (1 out of 3 refills is pre-attached to body).
  2. Twist open refill and take cover off.
  3. Place refill onto body.
  4. Push the white toggle switch on top and start using Actun. Push again to close it.
  5. When exercising with Actun, clip it firmly onto clothing. We suggest clipping onto the collar front, arm band, wrist band, etc. There's an optional lanyard that allows you to wear it like a locket too.


  • Do not keep / use Actun upside down.
  • Always keep / use Actun in cool environment that means never place inside car on hot summer days.
  • Always use under room temperature whenever possible.
  • Keep Actun and leftover E.O. in original container(s).
  • E.O. is not to be eaten / swallow. Immediately seek medical help if ingested accidentally.
  • E.O. is not to be used on skin or eyes, wash thoroughly and see doctor if this happens.
  • Keep Actun and its refills away from children and pets.
  • Pregnant women must not use Actun without consulting with physicians first.
  • During first use, do NOT press toggle switch right away - the cover in the lower part must be removed first prior to first use.
  • Never throw / drop Actun, it CAN be damaged.
  • Do not place other non E.O. liquid in the refill, Actun may be damaged as a result.
  • Do not leave toggle switch on all the time, this wastes precious E.O.
  • Use period: After the cover of the refill is removed, each refill lasts 10~15 days with a 2~3 hours/day usage. There are 3 refills per pack, hence each pack allows you to use for 30~40 days before refilling is necessary.
Types of aroma refills:
Below shows which aromas are suitable for which purposes. Actun makes 5 types of aroma refills, click on the names below and refer to the icons to help with your decision.
  • Stress: phytoncide, eucalyptus, lavender
  • Sleep: lavender
  • Work: rosemary
  • Yoga: phytoncide, lavender
  • Fitness & Diet: fennel, phytoncide
  • Indoor golf: phytoncide
  • Driving: eucalyptus, rosemary
  • Mass transit: eucalyptus, rosemary, phytoncide
Phytoncide Rosemary Lavender Eucalyptus Fennel

  • Actun Aroma Pump - Dimensions: 1.85cm diameter x 5.3cm height. Weight: 14g. Each refill has a capacity of 1.5mL. Each pack contains 1x body, 3x refills & casing.

  • Actun Refill - 100% all-natural essential oil. Each refill has a capacity of 1.5mL. Comes in 1-pk.

  • Actun Strap - Available in 2 lengths. Comes in 1-pk.


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