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Certain regions are dry in nature, but even for those wet regions, the moment it gets colder outside, we heat our homes & as a result, the relative humidity falls. Our furniture, plants and furnishings all suffer under this dry environment. But the worst thing that suffers is us - our skin & mucous. The former gives us wrinkles while the latter impairs our immunne system & gets us sick easily. This is the reason why winter is always the most prominent flu season. It's not like that pathogens fill the air during winters only. It's the dryness that strips our line of defense mechanism off of our bodies so that pathogens can invade us with ease. To counteract these, our line of humidifiers get up steam, making us feel comfortable & strong again.

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FRED is clean, because the steam is free of minerals and bacteria. FRED stands steady with metal plated feet and has an automatic shut-off (triple security). Available in 6 different colors. The ULTRA 240 is a ultrasonic humidifier that moistens the air with fine dew-like drops which evaporate moisturizing dry air. The changeable filter cartridge prevents the production of unwanted minerals and chalk deposits. The small evaporation system humidifies the air and cleans it well of dirt particles and pollen. The noiseless humidification happens naturally according to the evap-oration principle. The Stylies Evap 239 is therefore suitable for small rooms and children’s rooms.
Specs: Rated power: 150 Watt (eco), 300 Watt (standard) / Dimensions: 14.3” W x 10.5” H x 14.3” D / Output: 2 gallons per day Specs: Rated power: 35 Watt / Dimensions: 12” W x 13.7” H x 6” D / Output: 1.9 gallons per day Specs: Rated power: 8 Watt / Dimensions: 13.8” W x 10” H x 7.5” D / Output: 1.6 gallons per day

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