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Chikuno Cube - an eco-friendly air purifier, deodorizer, dehumidifier. It's rechargeable & reusable.
Japanese activated bamboo charcoal, thanks to its extremely porous and amazingly absorptive nature, is widely used in Japan for air purification, odor deodorization, dehumidification, etc. Now, imagine a supercharged version of it. Chikuno Cube is made from pulvarized powder of activated bamboo charcoal and natural mineral like sepiolite, then being molded into a cubicle platform with 600 internal honeycombed channels for the sole purpose of maximizing its surface area (a.k.a. reactive sites). As a result, this little 30g cube packs the equivalent absorptive capacity of 10kg worth of regular activated charcoal powder! That's 300 times its body weight in terms of absorptive power!


Maker claims that this cube can increase negative ions count in its proximity. It dehumidifies and absorbs hazardous substances such as formaldehyde and toulene, which are believed to cause "Sick Home Syndrome". It effectively absorbs ammonia which is the common source for household odors. It absorbs ethylene gas so it prolongs the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. It really is unselective in what it absorbs. For this reason, be cautious when brushing/dusting it as you may be dislodging whatever harmful substances that it already absorbs! Wear masks, goggles and gloves whenever possible if you believe that it has indeed absorbed such substances.

Over time, dust particles may accumulate on its surface and impair the absorptive sites. Wipe with a dry cloth or brush off the dust gently. Charcoal particles may be tricky to clean so use a dark-colored or black cloth for this chore. Once a month, recharge the cube by exposing it under direct sunlight for 6 hours. Some sources believed that its lifespan is close to infinite if cared for properly. But trust your smelling sense, if it tells you that the cube has exhausted its absorption ability even after proper recharging, then it needs to be retired. Other sources labeled its lifespan as up to 1-year. We believe that the verdict is still out there as it depends on a number of factors.

Chikuno Cube can be used in many places; entrance area, closet, refrigerator, near electronics (to neutralize their electromagnetic radiation and positive ions). Use multiple cubes for larger areas. Maker suggests using 1~2 cubes for refrigerator / shoe cabinet, 2~4 for car / closet, 4~6 for room, etc. Place a small fan behind the cubes for even greater filtration performance.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Unlike regular activated charcoal, Chikuno Cube is water soluble so keep it away from water at all time. It also cannot take impact well so handle it with care. Even though it's made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, if its debris gets into the eyes, please see a doctor immediately. Each is uniquely-formed so physical variations shall be expected, this includes but is not limited to: cracks, chips, other imperfections, etc. Rest assured that its absorptive power is not affected no matter what flaws you may notice. When it's time to dispose of the cube, please follow your local town's waste disposal guidelines. Due to its ultra-fine particulate coal nature, it may blacken hands and other objects that come into contact with it, so once again, please handle with care.

Chikuno Cube already won the Japanese Good Design Award in 2008. Beautifully crafted in Kyoto, Japan.

  • Chikuno Cube - Dimension for each cube: 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" (41mm x 41mm x 41mm). Weight: 30g.
  • Chikuno Cube / Wave package - Wave-shaped acrylic stand holds up to 3 Chikuno Cubes for better air filtration performance and nicer display. Each package includes 3 cubes + 1 stand. All made in Japan. Click on thumbnail to see a large pic. Inlet shows the use of 3 stands that hold a total of 6 cubes securely. Order more and save.
  • Chikuno Cube / House package - Beautiful wooden small & large houses hold 1 & 4 Chikuno Cubes respectively for better air filtration performance and nicer display. House comes in natural and brown colors. Made of solid white ash wood with clear coating. All made in Japan. Click on thumbnail to see large pics. To view a size comparison between the 2 house sizes, click here.

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